The Talsa H20 sausage filling machine is the second smallest piston filler we sell. The sausage stuffer has reinforced pressure to work with the densest or coldest mixtures where other sausage stuffers may struggle which is ideal in the UK market.

The H20 sausage filler comes in single or three phase electric supply.

The H20 sausage making machine has an on/off switch and the piston moves up and down with use of the confortable knee lever allowing the user to keeps his hands free. The sausage filling speed control knob is situated near the operator for precise adjustment and when the knee lever is released this causes piston decompression and instantly stops the product flow.

The sausage filler’s piston plate is made from high quality aluminium and is double sealed. It can be easily removed and re-fitted to increase the speed of cleaning and sanitisation. The sausage machine comes with two wheels and a lifting handle enable the sausage stuffer to be easily manouvered around a shop and for cleaning.

The H20 sausage making machine comes complete with three different sizes of stuffing nozzle that suit most types of sausage 12,20 and 30mm. The fillers lid locks automatically without the need to tighten any handles down unlike most other sausage filler, speeding up the filling process.

The Talsa range of sausage fillers come in various different sizes so if this machine is a little small for your needs please take a look at the rest of the sausage filling models.

External Dimensions (WxDxH) 420x670x1200 mm
Bowl volume 19.9 litre
Meat capacity +/- 16kg
Motor 1.25HP (3 phase) 1.75HP (1 phase)
Hydraulic oil reserve 10 litre
Filler construction Stainless steel
Lid & piston construction High quality aluminium