The Torrey M22 meat mincer is probably the largest 22 size meat mincing machine on the market today. Larger than many 32 sized meat mincing machines the M22 is ideal for a busy butcher who requires a large feed pan with a wide throat size to match. This large throat size of the meat mincer prevents down time in having to cut the meat into smaller pieces to fit down the throat. The meat mincer also features a powerful 2HP motor and combined with its high capacity head the meat mincer holds bigger pices in the grinding system.

The M22 meat mincer also benefits from a cast iron head, ring and worm like the old meat mincng machine stars on the market, the Biro, Butcher Boy and Hobart. The mincing head assembly is dip tin plated to increase its corrosion resistancy.

The meat mincer’s feed pan, head, ring and worm are all removable in a matter of seconds from the meat mincer to speed up the end of day cleaning process and increase sanitisation. The M22 meat mincing machine requires minimal maintenance with a powerful oil bathed steel geared transmission with no belts or pulleys that would need replacing over the life of a meat mincer.

The meat mincer comes as standard with a 5mm plate and four bladed knife, a plunger and a manual. Various different sized plates and knives are available to purchase online from this website or directly with our spares department over the phone.

Torrey also produce a smaller M12 sized meat mincer if the M22 is too large for your requirements, or alternatively if you need a larger 32 sized meat mincing machine then take a look at their M-32 meat mincers.

External Dimensions (WxDxH) 420x750x620 mm
Throughput 9.75kg/min
Motor 2HP
Weight 60kg
Body construction Stainless steel
Head construction Cast iron with dip tin plating