All stainless steel lower part with epoxy wear-resistant, coated aluminium chamber and hood, inbuilt Busch 063M3/hr vacuum pump, clear view viewing glass in the hood with two gas struts for smooth lid opening, lid close lock when not in use, two sealing bars mounted in the hood left and right side 520mm long, optional slant plate with adjustable backstop for liquid or sous-vide pouches, digital control system with 10 program menu and Busch vacuum pump conditioning program, vacuum stop facility for liquid products.

The perfect solution for (raw or cooked) for restaurants, sous-vide applications and test kitchens.

The machine is mounted on wheels, two of which are swivel braked execution.

External Dimensions (LxWxH) 700x690x1070 mm
Internal Dimensions (LxWxH) 520x500x230 mm
Pump capacity 063 m3/h
Machine cycle 15-40 sec
Voltage 230V/400V – 3-50Hz
Power 2.4 – 3.5 KW
  • Single chamber floor standing models
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Aluminium vacuum chamber
  • Aluminium lid with sight glass
  • Easily removable silicon holders
  • Sealing mechanism mounted in lid
  • Insert plates for adjusting vacuum chamber height
  • Vacuum optimal final vacuum 99.98% (0.2Mbar)
  • Gas-flush for product protection and longer shelf life (option)
  • Soft-air for protection of product and packaging (option)
  • Double seal 2×3.5mm convex sealing wire
  • Trennseal 1×3.5mm convex sealing wire + 1×1.1mm round cutting wire
  • Digitally controlled/10 default programs
  • Bi-Active seal – upper and lower sealing bars (option)
  • Sensor control – set percentage pressure for vacuum and gas functions for accurate and consistent packaging results
  • Digital maintenance program for pump, operating hours counter, service indicator programs, sleeper function, etc
  • Optional ESD configuration – to pack electronics in a clean room