The Turbovac M20 vacuum packer is part of Turbovac’s new M-range of vacuum packing machines. It features a transparent acrylic lid for increased visual control over your packs, particularly useful when packing moist or liquid products.

It is made from high quality stainless steel and is extremely easy to clean for sanitisation purposes.

The vacuum packer comes with Turbovac’s new control panel which can store up to 10 different programmes and sensor control, which actually measures the amount of vacuum in the chamber. The new control panel of the vacuum packer also measures the moisture evaporation when packing liquids etc. At the optimal level and before the product starts loosing moisture, the sensor detects this point and continues the cycle by sealing the package.

The M20 vacuum packer has two seal beams one the left and one on the right of the chamber, each measure 520mm in length and are positioned 545mm apart. Each seal beam has two lines of sealing wire to create a double seal on the vacuum packer bag.

The vacuum packer also comes with soft air, which is used when packing products with sharp edges, such as meat with bones in. The products notoriously burst bags when vacuum packers release the air back into their chambers and the vacuum packer bags are deflated quickly around the product. The soft air option regulates the release of the air back into the chamber, meaning the vacuum packer bag deflates slowly around the product, minimising burst bags

External Dimensions (WxDxH) 730x790x1020 mm
Usable Chamber Dinensions (WxDxH) 500x520x220 mm
Seal bar length 2 x 520mm double seal
Machine cycle 25-35 sec
Voltage 230-1-50hz/400-3-50 Hz
Power 3.3kW
Weight 180kg

Standard features on a Turbovac M-Range

  • 10-programme digital control panel
  • Sensor control
  • Soft air
  • Filler plates
  • Busch vacuum pump
  • Double seal
  • Options available:
    Gas flush
    Optional pump sizes