The Turbovac T40 vacuum packer is the new version of our best-selling Turbovac 440ST vacuum packing machine.

The vacuum packer comes with a choice of Busch vacuum pump, 016 or 021m3. The 016m3 vacuum pump is the perfect choice for restaurants and smaller butchers shops where the vacuum packer is not used that frequently.

The 021m3 vacuum pump is for more frequent use of the vacuum packer.

The T40 vacuum packing machine comes complete with a seal beam capable of sealing a bag of 420mm in width and the distance from the seal beam to the back of the chamber is 370mm. It creates a double seal on the bag and can be easily converted to seal and cut off just by changing the wire type.

The vacuum packer is constructed in stainless steel and has no wires in the chamber to improve cleanliness and reliability. The vacuum packing machines lid features a floating hinge system which prevents damage to the lid if anything is caught between the lid and the chamber.

The Turbovac vacuum packer has digital controls where the vacuum time and seal time can be individually adjusted to suit different products and bag types and has a warm up button to get the machine and vacuum pump up to temperature before vacuum packing commences.

Vacuum packing couldn’t be simpler, place the product in a vacuum bag or pouch place into the chamber overlapping the seal beam and close the lid. When the vacuum packer lid closes the vacuum cycles starts and when it is complete the lid opens automatically.

External Dimensions (WxDxH) 530x590x460 mm
Usable Chamber Dimensions (WxDxH) 420x370x180 mm
Seal bar length 1 x 420 (double seal)
Machine cycle 20-40 sec
Voltage 230V-1-50/60Hz
Power 0.7/1.3kW
Weight 60kg
Pump Busch 016m3 or 021m3

Standard features on a Turbovac T-Range

  • 1-programme digital control panel
  • Filler plates
  • Busch vacuum pump
  • Double seal
  • Options available:
    Gas flush
    Optional pump size